Background:  Client was looking for a unique experience and to fly as far as possible on an award ticket.  The client was extremely flexible in choosing dates for the trip and gave a 3 month window that the trip could take place during with the only requirement that they be at their destination for 10 days.  The client provided all their frequent flyer mileage balances and their credit point balances that could be used for miles.

  • Route:  Los Angeles to Male with a stopover in Singapore
  • Booking Class:  Business
  • Airline:  Singapore Airlines
  • Number of Tickets:  4
  • Mileage Required:  500,000
  • Points Converted:  500,000 (American Express Points to Singapore Airlines Miles)
  • Miles per Ticket:  125,000
  • Retail Cost per Ticket:  $8,660.00
  • Total Retail Cost:  $34,640.00
  • Actual Client Cost:  $1,138.26
  • Total Savings Versus Retail:  $33,501.74

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