Using a proprietary mix of software, and their in depth knowledge of the frequent flyer world, the Mileage Genius experts provide proven savings to flyers looking to make an award booking.  Our specialized process saves customers hundreds of thousands of miles on award bookings, and tens of thousands of dollars versus buying retail.  The Mileage Genius service allows you to travel in the comfort of First or Business Class for the cost of Coach.

In addition to helping travelers book and plan award trips, our experts provide inside tips and proven strategies to help maximize mileage redemption and earning.  At times, we are even able to provide special access to mileage earning opportunities.  When working with you to book your award trip, our experts can provide advice and assist in the planning of all aspects of the trip, not just the flights.

The Mileage Genius process focus is not only on finding the cheapest award ticket, but getting you the best value in award tickets.  This means booking your trip in the most comfortable seat product possible.  Let’s be honest, not all airline seats are created equal.  To make matters worse, there are often many different seat products on a single airline, making it difficult to know what to expect.  Sure there are website that can help tell you which seat to pick, but those only help once you’ve selected your airline.  Mileage Genius experts have personally traveled on many of the word’s finest airlines, gaining first hand knowledge of the seat products.



Fees for Award Consultation and Booking are 100% refundable if we are unable to find award availability in your requested travel class or greater within three days of your agreed upon departure or arrival.


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